Singapore Calling!

It was an early start in the TIPS office this week, as we beamed live to Singapore!

The company in question, were initially looking at our Management & Leadership eLearning suite, expressing a particular interest in the ‘Conflict – Resolution Management’ module. They were however looking for a more personal and interactive approach to support their eLearning. So together, with the support of our associate Oilennium, at the request of the client, we developed a tailor made eLearning module based on the Managing Conflict module that specifically allowed a live trainer to present as an interactive training session. The results were a live training session being beamed direct to the client in Singapore, where a small group of 5 people took part, whilst the trainer guided them through the module. The delegates were able to actively participate in the session, by taking polls, watch videos and at times even allowed to take control of the virtual whiteboard to contribute their ideas.

Presenter Julian Hammond said “This was another pivotal moment for TIPS, as the opportunity allowed us to take our already successful eLearning modules that we have developed with Oilennium and convert them into a highly interactive live learning experience. The clients seemed to love it too!”

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