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CMI Qualifications

At TIPS we pride ourselves on going that extra mile and helping you to achieve that CMI qualification, with dedicated support available on request, via a personal coach.  From Award level right through to Diploma, each qualification comes with the option of blended learning and complimentary personal coaching from an expert tutor.

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Courses & Programmes

We offer unique training programmes in 3 methods of delivery.  Classroom, live online & eLearning.  Management & Leadership Programmes that are used to form integrated and tailored management and leadership programme at 3 key levels of the business.

Brain Friendly Training

Brain Friendly Training

We use a “Brain Friendly” approach to learning. Information is presented in a variety of ways, designed to appeal to the most natural way of learning for the human brain. This includes games, themed sessions, music, aromas, learning partners, syndicate work, stories, movie clips, game shows, virtual car racing and Oscar ceremonies to name just a few. This has proven to accelerate learning, increase its absorption and recall.


TIPS for Good Management Ltd have been operating as a Management & Leadership training company since 1988. Based in Dereham/Norfolk, we have, and continue to deliver outstanding management, leadership and ‘soft skills’ programmes across the UK and internationally. Our major strength is in our industry connections and experience in a very wide range of learning approaches. As an approved centre for the Chartered Management Institute we can also offer nationally accredited management and leadership qualifications. This connection gives us access to a network of quality assured providers and a vast library of management and leadership subjects with the very latest thinking and research on which to base learning interventions. TIPS has well established arrangements in place with a major e-learning provider, 360 survey provider and access to an extensive associate network. Our purpose-built office and dedicated staff together with fully equipped IT and training support systems enables us to fully manage entire learning programmes from inception to completion.

Our vision & core values

Our vision is to be recognised as a top-class provider of management development and training solutions in the UK by delivering cutting edge training that provide measurable improvements to our clients. Our current mission is also to be the best online training provider on the planet! Our core values are:

  • To understand the needs of our customers
  • To work hard to achieve results
  • To respect the views of others
  • To be profitable and therefore sustainable for our clients
  • To enjoy what we do
  • To be open and transparent in our dealings with others
Cmi Approved

At the heart of our approach is the TIPS Programme

With our unique model of teamworking individual and team development is placed clearly within the context of concrete business objectives. Personal motivation and fulfilment is balanced by the focus on organisational objectives and performance.

Based on extensive research into what creates personal success and high performance teamworking, the Team Management Profile gives individuals personal feedback about how they prefer to approach work.

It provides a deep understanding of where their personal energies lie, how this impacts their work, their leadership style and the critical roles they play within a team – key to managing high performing teams and gaining a deeper understanding of how to improve your team performance.