May Gurney

May Gurney (now Kier) are a dynamic integrated support and construction services company providing maintenance and enhancement services to the highways, rail, utilities, municipal waste and general infrastructure markets, primarily with public sector and regulated sector customers, across the UK. The company focuses on long-term relationships, has over 5,000 employees and delivers solutions through two primary business segments – Maintenance Services and Engineering & Project Services.

Working with May Gurney, we were able to identify over £5 million benefits through process improvements for this client within the construction sector.

Here are a selection of candidate success stories:

I feel that I will be able to approach a managerial assignment with confidence and could introduce new styles and processes that the staff would welcome and should benefit the team.

The session has enhanced my understanding of business risk and the management of appropriate controls.

Overall, the TIPS course has been useful and I hope to employ some of the techniques in my day to day work.

I am now not only better equipped to manage others, I am also more capable of communicating and am able to recognise individuals skills and where to best use them within the team.

The course has given me increased confidence in own ability and a better understanding of what is required of a manager.

By applying some of the techniques and examples used on the course, I believe it will help me get messages and tuition across to both staff, colleagues and hopefully, client teams.

The course has given me the basics of ways to improve my working methods, what to look for in others, how to deal with others and what I should do to recognise their preferences. I have also learnt how to recognise and deal with stress.

I already had a sound understanding of risk Management from my current role in the workplace. However, I found the practical session on people management particularly enlightening. The handling of people issues has changed radically since I was directly involved in the management of works on construction sites. Delegation is always an important function and the course notes will form a very useful reference.

I have gained some useful insight into the management of interpersonal issues, which helps in my day to day relationships with my colleagues, superiors, subordinates and my clients. The course has also provided me with some useful tools for use in evaluating performance, both for self and for others in my team.

The workshops that TIPS provided during our tender presentation rehearsals were key in ensuring that we delivered our message in a professional but engaging manner. We all gained valuable communication skills which will help each individual in the future. Testament to the success of the workshops is that the customer highlighted our tender presentation and the individuals presenting as the deciding factor in selecting May Gurney. Edward Quinn – Regeneration Manager, May Gurney Ltd.