Frequently Asked Questions

Who would attend these programmes?

Anyone who has responsibility for other people in a business or who is responsible for part of the business performance. For example it could be a Team Leader, Supervisor, Departmental Manager or Director as we provide courses at all levels.

How do you decide the content of a programme?

We offer a full training needs analysis service. This means we work with you to understand the skills, competencies and behaviours you need your managers to have in the business. This forms the basis of the programme content. These competencies are then used to establish where the individual managers are now. We can provide a fully integrated interview service to achieve this. When a manager attends the course they will have a clear idea of where the gaps exist and these will be addressed on the course.

How will we know a programme has done what we need it to do?

We use the Kirkpatrick evaluation model which addresses four levels:
1.Reaction of student – what they thought and felt about the training
2.Learning – the resulting increase in knowledge or capability
3.Behaviour – extent of behaviour and capability improvement and implementation/application
4.Results – the effects on the business or environment resulting from the trainee’s performance

Where do you run these programmes?

Anywhere in the UK, either at the clients’ premises, a local hotel or conference centre. If needed we can locate suitable premises for your requirement and advise the cost separately.

Where are you based then?

We have a dedicated office based in Norfolk, however, we deliver anywhere in the UK.

How much will a programme cost?

The short answer is nothing! We have demonstrated on numerous occasions that the financial benefits that derive from our programmes are far greater than the fees we charge.

Ok but how much are your fees?

Typically our fees are circa £1000 per day however if you have 10 delegates this equates to only £100 per day per delegate.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are usually 30 days from date of invoice. We invoice following each session or weekly whichever is more appropriate.

How long is a typical programme?

It depends entirely on the content. This is dictated by what the organisation wants to achieve through the training, and how much time can be devoted to it. A basic TIPS programme consists of 6 modules. Two of these are of 1 day duration. The other 4 modules can be anything from 1 to 3 days each, depending on the depth of training needed.

Over what period does the programme last?

Again we can be very flexible to the operational needs of the business. We can accommodate a programme run at say 1 day per month through to blocks of days as residential courses, or any combination.

Can delegates achieve a qualification?

Yes. We are an approved centre for the Chartered Management Institute and presently offer a range of management and leadership qualifications. Please see the full list of qualifications here or on the CMI web site.