Stress Management Course

Available as a ½ day classroom session (minimum 4 delegates) or online via Zoom. We can also tailor a course for your needs, please get in touch on 01362 699392.

Have you ever had so much to do; you simply didn’t know what to do next?

Then our TIPS for Stress Management Course is for you! Recent statistics reveal that 1 in 5 working people in the UK are suffering from stress. To be able to deal with stress, a balance needs to be achieved between the various aspects of life; including work, family and yourself.

This course has been designed to show you how to achieve this balance by explaining what stress is, its causes and the signs and symptoms to watch out for. It will also give you practical advice on what you should be doing to reduce your exposure to stress. We help you to recognise and deal with the things that stress you, look at positive and negative stress and give you practical advice on how to reduce daily stress to a manageable level.

Course Aim

The aim of this 1/2 day session is to identify the level of stress individuals are suffering and the root cause so that positive plans can be made to reduce it. This course also aims to provide suggestions and recommendations for relaxation, including the effects of stress on the body and our health, and how this can be minimised.

The specific knowledge and skills included in this course in support of the above aims are:

  • Assess their current level of stress.
  • Recognise the positive and negative affects of stress.
  • Identify the causes of stress in their lives.
  • Plan effective ways to reduce the causes of stress.
  • Use techniques that will help to counter stressful situations.
  • Relax to reduce stress levels.
  • Spot the physical warning signs of stress in the body.
  • Take control of the stress inducers.
  • Use the positive aspects of stress to help achieve goals.
  • Organise a busy life style.
  • Manage their time more effectively.
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