A Day of Sizzle & Substance!

It was a fascinating and fun filled morning as Archant, Norwich opened its doors to kindly host the very first BFLG event for Norfolk! A significant milestone and the first of many for BFLG Norfolk! The session, entitled ‘Sizzle & Substance – The Art of Brain Friendly Training’ delivered by TIPS for Good Management, was an introductory into the wonderful world of Accelerated Learning and Neuroscience, specifically in training and development. The participants were shown tips and techniques which would help to enhance learning in training, including; looking at the way we learn as well as some barriers to learning. The 70/30 rule and the many varied ways of creating a positive and fun learning environment conducive to learning, from brain friendly foods, music and the effect of aromas! The main aim was for the participants to get involved as much as possible and this presented many opportunities, including creating Lego people that represented themselves, to blowing up balloons to demonstrate a leadership model! The session ended with the famous BFLG ‘Learning Clinic’ where the group discussed some fascinating ideas around how to develop BFLG Norfolk, as well as some of the subjects that could feature on future sessions… Exciting times indeed! 🙂