Why Study with TIPS?

Picture the scene, you’ve just been promoted, congratulations! You are excited but also apprehensive at the prospect of the new role and although you are technically confident at doing your job, you now have managerial responsibilities to fulfill! Sound familiar? Well, you may have just become an Accidental Manager!

Don’t panic! You are certainly not alone and in fact it is a very common occurrence in business. So, what can I do about it we hear you ask? Well, you may want to consider taking a management qualification.

You may not feel suited to your new role yet and that’s because being a manager is a learned skill and can require training. Without these things is it any wonder we often feel ill-equipped to take on new responsibilities? This can lead to frustration for you and your manager, but with the right learning, the success can be yours.

We love to help ‘accidental managers’ find their feet and our online learning approach is by far the fastest, most cost effective and most accessible to do this.

We offer Chartered Management Institute CMI online qualifications to help you gain professional management qualifications, recognisable throughout the UK, Europe and the world!

We hold the key to you achieving your management qualification.

  • Flexibility: No fixed study time, you choose when you do it!
  • Self Paced: No fixed term times or deadlines.
  • Reduced Cost: No costly classrooms or travelling
  • 24/7 Access: No restriction on accessing learning resources
  • Coaching: Not a generic course, 1 to 1 tutor support
  • Faster completion: No barriers to how quickly you complete.

Matthew Northcott, studying a CMI Level 5 Diploma.

I contacted TIPS for Good Management in rather unusual circumstances having been let down by a training provider part way through my studies towards a CMI Qualification Level 5 Diploma in Leadership & Management. Having already invested significant study hours towards the qualification, I was nervous that no training provider would be willing to take me forward from the position I found myself in and that I would be faced with the bleak reality of needing to start the qualification from the beginning. The response I received from the team at TIPS was nothing short of remarkable. They were receptive and willing to adapt their support and take me forward from the position I was in. I found the learning experience with TIPS to be enriching and I can’t possibly thank the team enough for their all-round professionalism and invaluable help in supporting me to reach a positive outcome. I would consider the diploma as being ideal for anyone being promoted into a supervisory/managerial position from within their company and on a personal level, I feel a more confident and able manager than prior to undertaking the diploma with TIPS

On the back of my experience OFTEC will look no further than TIPS for future management training needs.

Matthew Northcott, OFTEC

Rob Thurley, studying a CMI Level 3 Certificate.

“Having held a management position for a couple of years I was interested in gaining a formal qualification to recognise this and to also develop my skills as a manager. I completed the Level 3 Certificate in First Line Management through TIPS in around 4 months. They were very helpful from the start to finish with Julian making everything really clear on what was needed in the initial meeting. If I had any problems or needed any additional coaching then they were on hand to help and regularly kept in touch to make sure everything was going well. I would recommend TIPS and will hopefully work with them in the future.”

Rob Thurley, Cawood Scientific


Independence Matters Logo

Alison Pawley, studying a CMI Level 3 Award

“The CMI level 3 in first line management award I have achieved upon first submission gave me great pleasure in completing with thanks to Independence Matters and Tips for good management. I am so proud of myself for my achievement.

Being a front line manager this was extremely beneficial to me within my role, helping me reflect upon how I manage on a daily basis, my own abilities and strengths and where improvement could be made in areas of weakness.  I have always been a willing learner to broaden my knowledge and skills base.

Tips for good management have always provided such valuable training which has been such a great help to me to grow within my role and also studying towards my award. It had its challenges however Tips gave full support where required.

My confidence and skills as a manager have really come along way this is not just my own determination and effort it is also down to independence Matters investing in me and how fantastic the staff at TIPS have been,  providing such outstanding support and training.”

Alison Pawley, Independence Matters



3sun logos 3James Hall, 3sun, who studied a CMI Level 3 Certificate In Management

The CMI Qualification was chosen by the directors of our company, as a high level training and achievement process so that all managers are able to confidently work to a good level or above within their business areas. I have found that the benefits have been many, such as analysing the performance of processes and systems, which has then progressed to increased efficiency, and reduced costs. It has also given us a good awareness of Strategic planning and why change is necessary in order for the company to grow and be more competitive, and finally, to have a greater understanding of my own abilities including strength’s and weaknesses. All in all, a great course, and well delivered.

James Hall, 3Sun Academy Limited


I choose to study because I was a front line manger and was in the position of company director so the CMI Qualification supported me to have a deeper understanding of my role. It benefited me as it was a stepping stone to promotion and I went on to study a CIPD Level 5 Diploma so I could move to work in HR.

Samantha High, Independence Matters