Team Leader Training Course

Available as a 6 day classroom session (minimum 4 delegates) or online via Zoom. We can also tailor a course for your needs, please get in touch on 01362 699392.  CMI Qualification available (Level 3 Award – Principles of Leadership & Management)

Are your people technically competent, but had no formal training in how to manage or supervise others?

Then our TIPS for Team Leaders Course is for you!

Course Aim

This course is focused on empowering team leaders, managing people and engaging with teams. It includes aspects of leadership, personal effectiveness, organisational skills, decision making and planning.

Session 1 – Introduction and Developing Peoples Skills

Aim: To create a learning environment and set the scene for the programme. To understand how to recognise, manage and monitor the performance of individuals. This session includes looking at performance review skills to address both good & poor performance.

  • Setting the Scene
  • Learners Charter
  • Creating a Learning Environment
  • Managing Performance

Session 2 – Managing Individuals

Aim: To understand human behaviours and how to manage individuals in various situations. This session includes looking at how you interact with others.

  • Listening & Questioning Skills
  • Conducting a Performance Review
  • How the Disciplinary Procedure Works
  • The JoHari Window Relationship Model
  • Giving Effective Feedback
  • VAK Styles
  • Designing Conversations

Session 3 –Engaging with Teams

Aim: To give you the knowledge and skills to build and maintain high performing teams that consistently achieve business goals and objectives.

  • The Dynamics of a Team
  • Synergy & How it Applies to Your Team
  • Creating Successful Teamwork
  • Your Contribution to the Team
  • Team Development
  • Building High Performing Teams
  • Identify Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Team

Session 4 –Effective Leadership

Aim: To give you the knowledge and skills to become a more effective leader for individuals and teams to consistently achieve business goals and objectives.

  • Managing Conflict
  • What is meant by Leadership
  • What Motivates us and others
  • Your Leadership Approach
  • Your Team Leadership Style

Session 5 –Making the right choices

Aim: The aim of this session is to understand the choices we make with our time & how to improve the use of our time, so we can achieve more in our day. Also, how to solve problems, prevent them from recurring & how to implement continuous improvement.

  • The Principles of Time Management
  • Prioritising your Work Effectively
  • Objective Setting & Planning
  • The Impact of ‘Time Bandits’
  • Delegation skills
  • Root Cause Analysis Techniques
  • The Importance of Preventative Measures
  • Mistake Proofing Techniques
  • Continuous Improvement

Session 6–Graduation and the future

Aim: To give you the knowledge and skills to understand how the company vision,and values are successfully implemented in the business through leadership. Also, to celebrate your success!

  • Company Vision & Values
  • Defining Quality
  • Effective Planning
  • Personal Drivers
  • The CMI Qualification
  • Positive Thinking
  • Programme Review
Team Leader


Pricing from £1000 per day


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