Delegation Skills Course

Available as a ½ day classroom session (minimum 4 delegates) or online via Zoom. We can also tailor a course for your needs, please get in touch on 01362 699392.

How often do you think, by the time you’ve explained something, it would be quicker if you did it yourself? Do you find it difficult to delegate a task and responsibility to another individual?

Then our TIPS for Good Delegation Skills Course is for you! 

When working in any business environment, it is important to remember that we cannot do everything ourselves. We need other people to take on work and responsibilities in order to achieve business objectives. This is called delegation. When we delegate tasks, we benefit from a reduced workload and lower stress levels. However, it can be a difficult skill to use as it requires giving another person our authority and responsibility.

Course Aim

The aim of this course is to give you a clear idea of the process of delegation, its many benefits, and how you can successfully apply the skill to your workplace.

The specific knowledge and skills included in this course in support of the above aims are:

  • What delegation really means and why it is important
  • How delegation skills benefit you, your employees and the business
  • How to overcome common delegation problems
  • A process to ensure successful delegation of work
  • The importance of giving good and concise feedback
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