Assertiveness & Conflict Management Course

Available as a ½ day classroom session (minimum 4 delegates) or online via Zoom. We can also tailor a course for your needs, please get in touch on 01362 699392

Are you frustrated or worried by disagreements, and want to get your point over? Are you a manager, leader or supervisor who is required to deal with difficult people or situations? Then our TIPS for Good Assertiveness & Conflict Management Course is for you!

The purpose of this course is identify your current behaviours and discover how assertive you are, using simple yet effective techniques to becoming more assertive. How to use assertive language and behaviour in order to become more successful and achieve your goals. through a structured review process. Also, to understand what conflict is and how it may arise. We will identify five conflict styles and show how they might be demonstrated. Following on from this, we will consider a situation where each conflict style could be of benefit, and learn how to eventually end up with the best long term solution.

Course Aim

The aim of this 1/2 day session is to give managers, leaders and supervisors the skills to confidently put forward your views and expressing clearly your rights whilst recognising the rights of others and becoming a more assertive person. Also, to make different behavioural responses when faced with conflict. Allowing you to choose your response rather than reacting and giving you the opportunity to control the situation and ultimately manage conflict.

The specific knowledge and skills included in this course in support of the above aims are:

  • The meaning of assertiveness and your rights
  • How to recognise passive and aggressive behaviour
  • How passive, aggressive or assertive you are now
  • How to be more assertive
  • The use of assertive language
  • The meaning and cause of conflict
  • The five styles of conflict and our own conflict styles
  • When to use each style to resolve conflict
  • How to move to the most appropriate conflict style, and
  • Recognising conflict styles in others
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