Train The Trainers!

It was a day of anticipation and excitement, as Trainer, Carl Hammond of TIPS for Good Management, Leadership, and Management Development Specialists, welcomed the latest group of willing participants to the ‘Train the Trainers’ programme. The one-day session, which had been especially tailored towards the requirements of Baxter Healthcare employees, was represented by varying levels of experience in the room, with most of the attendees regularly demonstrating safety training procedures and work based presentations within their current roles.

The structure of the day was based around introducing the group to a training model that effectively follows a cycle of learning, to not only aid, but accelerate the learning process. The model breaks down into the following four stages of learning:

1. Preparation – Creating a positive learning environment and arousing the learners interest.
2. Presentation – Engaging learners to encounter new knowledge and skills.
3. Practice – Integration of knowledge and skills using a variety of learning methods.
4. Performance – Application of knowledge and skills and evaluation of learning.

Carl guided the delegates through each stage, demonstrating various training methods and activities to keep everyone constantly involved and engaged throughout the day. They included; communication and learning styles, identifying learning outcomes, planning a training session, working with visual aids and facilitation techniques. This set the group up nicely for their final challenge of the day, the pre-prepared presentations…

This was the chance for the delegates to present to the rest of the group and put into practice the skills they have learnt throughout the day. Whilst the subject could be of their own choosing, the challenge was to ensure their presentation imparted an element of learning, as well as knowledge of their chosen category. The presentations ranged from work-based presentations and procedures to personal hobbies and interests, each equally delivered with confidence and enthusiasm!

The group, led by Carl, then had the opportunity to give some feedback to each other, based upon a recommended model of ‘STOP-START-CONTINUE’, which provided a platform to give clear, concise, and constructive feedback. As a result, the delegates learnt many useful tips and techniques to take away and practice, to enhance their own presentation skills when delivering in the workplace.
The day concluded with Carl congratulating the group on the high standard of presentations displayed and awarding everyone a certificate of achievement for completing the course, before wishing everyone the very best of luck for the future…