TIP of the Week – How to make Mondays your favourite day of the week!


How to make Mondays your favourite day of the week!

Come on, if you’re honest most of you hate Monday mornings don’t you? You’ve had a great weekend, enjoyed some ‘me’ or family time, got a few jobs sorted out, maybe had a glass or two of wine and a nice meal but now thoughts of returning back to the grindstone loom heavily.

This is accompanied by that feeling in the pit of your stomach on a Sunday evening about what awaits you back at work.  All those problems, issues, crises and perhaps the stress of commuting.

If not, you are one of those lucky ones who enjoy their job so much you can’t wait to get to work……

Do you ever sit back and wonder how some people seem to breeze through the day, always smiling and annoyingly in control? How do they do that?

Well, first of all let’s be realistic, they have probably had the same issues and problems you have. They just have a different strategy, and I am about to reveal what that is in 4 steps:

Step 1 – They deal with recurring problems. Whether they are process issues whereby things go wrong or relationship difficulties, they deal with them head on. They get a good understanding of the problem and work very hard to put it right. What they don’t do is allow things to go unresolved and are tenacious to find solutions.

Step 2 – They put things in place to stop the problems coming back again. They also make sure that any sign of a problem is jumped on as early as possible; knowing the longer it goes unresolved the more destructive it can become.

Step 3 – They continually seek to make things better in a highly proactive way. Never satisfied with the status quo they like to find new and innovative ways to make work easier, more enjoyable and less stressful to do. This can be very exciting especially for those who like to be creative and can create a really positive environment in the workplace.

Step 4 – Probably the most important step of all, they adopt the right mindset. If you think about it, you decide how hard you are going to work today and for that matter every day. Equally you can decide whether to be happy, sad, sullen, difficult or helpful. Ok so you might have just experienced road rage at a tailgating driver, but you don’t have to take that into the office do you? It’s often said that laughter is the best medicine and we know about the ‘happy chemicals’ that the brain produces when we laugh.

The connection has also been made about a happy state of mind and improved performance. In other words when you think better you feel better and things seem to go better.

On a wider note, we only have this one life as far as we know; it’s not a rehearsal so why would you choose to live it in dread of Monday mornings? Ultimately you have the choice…..

I have personally witnessed people adopt the 4 step strategy above and it has been life changing, so come on what are you waiting for?