TIP of the Week – How a Vespa Scooter can help you give the perfect presentation!


Long gone are the days of ‘Mods & Rockers’ but the memory lingers on! 

Speaking of memory, how would you like to learn a sure fire approach to making your presentations powerful, polished and perfect every time?

All you have to do is remember the little red VESPA scooter, and you will have the criteria to consistently crack any presentation.    

If you have not already sussed it, VESPA is a handy acronym which covers every element you need to know to give the perfect presentation. It looks something like this: 

V is for VOICE…..

How well can you be heard? Is your volume moderated to add emphasis? Do you vary the pitch of your voice and use intonation to add impact? Is the speed of your delivery at an appropriate rate to be followed by the audience? Do you use pause for added impact? Do you use positive and descriptive words to create mental images and inspire your listeners? Do you make sure you avoid using any jargon?

E is for EYE CONTACT…..

Do you make sure that you include all of your audience equally? Do you maintain eye contact with the group for the majority of your presentation? Is the amount of time you spend looking at individuals in the audience appropriate, i.e. not too short and not too long? Do you ensure your scripts, notes and slides do not detract from your eye contact?

S is for STRUCTURE…..

Does your presentation have a strong, attention grabbing opening that engages the audience’s interest? Do you preview what is about to be covered in your presentation? Does the main part of your presentation cover the salient points and flow in a logical order? Is your conclusion powerful? Is it a summary reminder of the main points and does it leave the audience with a key message? Are any handovers slick and pre-prepared?

P is for POSTURE & body language…..

Does your stance and posture look confident and assured? Are you enthusiastic and energetic and not low key and ill at ease? Do you use body language to emphasise your points? For example hand gestures and movement? Does your body language support the message you are trying to convey to your audience? Do you have any mannerisms that might detract from your presentation?

A is for AUDIENCE…..

Do you maintain your audience’s interest throughout? Is the content geared to what the audience needs? Does it take into account who is in the audience? Are the visual aids designed to aid memory and support the key messages? Can your visual aids be easily seen? Have you considered all of the communication preferences in your presentation? (i.e. Visual Auditory & Kinesthetic) Do you use any memory techniques to make the presentation memorable? (like a little red scooter…!)

So there you have it; VESPA the recipe for a perfect presentation. It is a tried and tested formula, many people have used this technique over the years. I can highly recommend it as it works every time. Why not give it a try and let me know how you get on. This is just one of hundreds of subjects we offer at TIPS through e-learning, classroom, 1 to 1 coaching and live online workshops. Please look us up or contact us for more detail, in the meantime I had better scoot off, got a presentation to prepare for next week…..