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Need a top class speaker for your event?

We have inspirational speakers available now, and they are some of the most knowledgeable presenters on a whole range of management and leadership topics.

We combine highly educational presentations together with the power and impact of truly inspirational speakers who not only entertain but impart valuable knowledge to their audience.

Our speakers are internationally recognised and have delivered presentations to many business and social groups.

Many of them are also award winning speakers and trainers who also have a wealth of commercial and industrial experience.

Some of the key subjects are:


  • Adapt or die! (Change management)

  • We are the champions (High performing teams)

  • What’s your message? (Powerful presentations)

  • Plate spinning (Work life balance)

  • Choices & consequences (Time management)

  • Not another flippin’ meeting! (Managing meetings)

  • Improve or die! (Continuous improvement)

  • Lead or manage, but don’t get in the way (Management and leadership)

  • Successful personal development (Coaching and mentoring)

  • What makes people tick? (Dealing with difficult people)


Speeches that will inspire and motivate your audience. Leave them buzzing with enthusiasm and a desire to change their lives.

Inspirational Leadership

Speeches that will explain and inspire great leadership in your organisation. Discover how to excel at leadership and achieve great things.


Highly entertaining speeches that will have your audience laughing in the aisles. A range of everyday subjects turned into humorous insights of our daily lives.


Mesmerising tales that will capture the imagination of your audience. Follow the twists and turns of fascinating stories expertly told by master story tellers.

Local History

Listen to speeches that bring the past to life. East Anglian heroes and local historical anecdotes that will surprise and entertain you!


Why not pick one of our speakers specialist subjects? Ranging from Sizzle & Substance ‘the art of brain friendly training’ to Seafaring Captains and Time Machines!

Our Speakers

Julian Hammond

Julian holds a ‘World Class’ qualification in presentation skills and is a senior figure with the World’s leading organisation in speaking, listening and thinking skills. Julian has been a Regional Speech Contest winner on 4 occasions and runner up at National level. He has coached hundreds of individuals and helped them to improve their presentation skills and regularly speaks to groups on the international stage.

Specialist Speech Title: Sizzle & Substance!

Carl Hammond

Carl is an award winning speaker with ToastMasters International, an organisation he has been a member of for 11 years, where in that time he has competed in and won local and regional contests, as well as competing at National level.

Specialist Speech Title: Living The Dream!

Peter Lawton

Motivational Speaker/Coach and Mentor/ Personal Development Trainer

Peter’s an advocate of Personal Development and a qualified personal and business coach. His motivational talks have been well received for their fresh, humorous slant on bringing greater success into people’s lives.

Peter Lawton co-founder of The Corporate Fitness Centre, is an active member of a global public speaking organisation a practicing personal and business coach, trainer, and author who leads and inspires by setting an example.

Never far away from humorous touches, Peter manages to implant serious, vital points that you can take away with you to help create a better future – and make a start tidying up the Mess!

Specialist Speech Title: Managing The Mess!

Fiona Kearns

Fiona is a business executive and coach experienced in delivering on organisational KPI’s. Within the ICT field, she specialises in developing and translating ideas into completed projects making informed decisions based on strategic vision and commercial analysis. As a coach, Fiona is skilled in questioning, challenging, delivering feedback and helping individuals speak up confidently. Fiona has developed a strong skillset in leadership, communication and bringing out the best in cross-functional teams. She has developed considerable expertise in the people and process management space, working to implement new systems and optimise current systems through planned change management

Specialist Speech Title: Beat the Boardroom Bias!

Cathy Shelbourne

Cathy is a very experienced public speaker, accredited cruise ship presenter, and long-standing member of Toastmasters International (TI). Her particular skill is speech evaluation, and she has won many contests and was a finalist in the Toastmasters International UK and Ireland speech evaluation contest in 2010.

Her special interest is heritage, and she is a member of the Yachting Journalists’ Association and The Society for Nautical Research. As well as writing on nautical matters for magazines, Cathy regularly gives talks on maritime heroes.

Her talks on cruise ships have taken her to many of the places connected to her heroes, such as Copenhagen (where Nelson fought a famous battle in 1801) and Tahiti (location of the Mutiny on the Bounty – and subsequent films).

“What I enjoy most about speaking on cruise ships,” she says, “is the feedback from the audience. As a result of my talks on board, I have met some fascinating people who have given me wonderful family anecdotes and information relating to my maritime heroes, which have considerably enriched my presentations.”

Cathy runs Sea Shell Communications, a PR and marketing agency. She coaches individuals in presentation skills, mentors aspiring leaders, and organises public speaking events such as the Speakerthon (part of the IpArt Festival), An Evening with Philip Collins (Times columnist, not the singer!), and most recently, the Finding Your Voice workshop.

Specialist Speech Title: A Pillar of Society? Admiral Nelson and the Loves of his Life

Specialist Speech Title: A Pillar of Society? Admiral Nelson and the Loves of his Life!

Would you like to become a professional speaker?

The Professional Speaker Training Programme is an intensive 6 step programme over the space of 6 months, that takes a good amateur speaker to a professional level. Learn from those who have already achieved this, pick up invaluable tips and techniques. You will learn:

How to become a recognised speaker that people will want to hear.

How to craft a stunning speech that will entertain, inform and educate.

From detailed video feedback how to hone your speeches to perfection.

How to exude confidence in front of any audience.

The secrets of highly engaging speakers.

How to earn using your professional speaking skills.

Be ready to WOW audiences all over the world and get paid for it!

So whether it’s a great entertaining speaker you’re looking for, or you are an established speaker who would like to register with us. Or a budding speaker with the potential to become a professional, contact us today!


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