Programme Comprises of the Following 3 Entry Levels

Supervisory Management & Team Leader Programmes for Operational Excellence

Aim: To enable supervisors and first line managers to improve their communication and people skills thereby improving operational efficiency. Also to build on and develop their existing management skills in line with the needs of the business

Designed for: First line supervisors and team leaders who have responsibility for operatives and teams, and the output of the company’s product or service.

Focus: Successful achievement of daily and weekly operational targets through their people by ensuring optimum performance.

Middle Management Programmes for Continuous Improvement

Aim: To enable middle managers to improve their decision making and the management of key resources such as their people, teams and processes. Also how to become more effective with their own time to enable sustainable business performance.

Designed for: New or experienced middle managers who have daily operational responsibilities to ensure the business plan is achieved, but who also have to implement improvement activities.

Focus: Successful achievement of the business plan. Implementation of improvement activities to move the business forward in line with strategic goals.

Senior Management Programmes for Strategic Leadership

Aim: To enable individual and business success by developing Leadership skills and raising awareness of Leadership responsibilities.

Designed for: Senior managers with leadership roles who have responsibility for the work of other people including managers and departments. Also for those who are part of deciding the future aspirations and direction of the business.

Focus: Strategic thinking and how to decide business needs in the future. Development of people and the appropriate culture to support the business aspirations and subsequent strategy.