The Managers Toolkit

All the tips, tools and techniques you need for a successful management career.

The 6 Skill Sets of Highly Effective Managers

Each available as either a 1 Day Intro session, or a 3 Day course

  1. Root cause analysis techniques
  2. Force field analysis
  3. Cause & effect diagrams
  4. Pareto analysis
  5. Preventative techniques
  6. Reverse contingency
  7. Failsafing techniques
  8. Process mapping & measurement
  9. Creative thinking for process improvement
  10. Continuous improvement
  11. Cost benefit analysis and writing justifications
  1. How Teams Work & Become High Performing
  2. Managing Conflict in the Team
  3. Assessing Team Strengths & Weaknesses
  4. Assessing Individual Skills & Behaviour
  5. Building Trust in the Team
  6. Team Building Activities to Improve Team Performance
  7. Effective Team Meetings
  8. Team Leadership Skills
  9. Team Briefing
  1. Creating highly engaged employees
  2. The difference between leadership and management
  3. Your leadership style, how effective is it?
  4. Applying situational leadership at the right moment
  5. Managing performance of individuals to positive effect
  6. Coaching and mentoring skills
  7. Appraisal and feedback skills
  8. Managing difficult people and conflict situations
  9. Diversity, disability and equality
  10. Motivational techniques
  11. Inspiring others as a leader
  12. Developing a positive mental attitude
  13. The disciplinary process
  14. Successful change management
  15. Managing absenteeism
  1. Understanding importance and urgency
  2. Prioritising work to achieve your goals
  3. Moving from ‘fire-fighting’ to ‘control’
  4. Personal organisation skills
  5. Being assertive and dealing with interruptions
  6. Delegation skills
  7. Personal drivers that influence our time management
  8. Effective decision making tools
  9. Running or attending positive meetings
  10. Exceptional thinking skills
  11. Presentation, speaking and listening skills
  1. Business strategy, tactics and planning
  2. How vision, mission, values and behaviours work
  3. Using KPI’s and other measures to manage
  4. The balanced scorecard approach to managing a business
  5. Creating and using a SWOT analysis
  6. Carrying out a PESTLE analysis
  7. The circulation of money in a business
  8. Constructing and monitoring a profit and loss account
  9. Understanding and controlling cash flow in a business
  10. What a balance sheet is and what it tells you
  11. Risk management tools
  12. Writing a cost benefit analysis
  1. The internal customer supplier chain
  2. Identifying customer needs
  3. Aligning with customer needs
  4. The real meaning of quality
  5. Right first time and zero defects
  6. Delighting your customers
  7. Loyalty building
  8. From complaints to compliments
  9. Care tokens and magic touches!
  10. Ten good habits to cultivate
  11. ‘Can Do’ – winning attitudes