From Russia with Love

A Breakthrough in Long Distance Learning!

TIPS for Good Management reached another significant milestone recently, when we received an enquiry from Saint-Petersburg in Russia! The client in question had found us listed as a centre on The Chartered Management Institute website. Their requirement was for a Level 6 CMI Qualification in Strategic Management and Leadership, for two of her employees based in Poland. Thanks to our slick system and a well-planned process, we were able to offer a licence to thrill to satisfy their needs. TIPS immediately followed up the request with the client advising them of the learning content to choose from for their willing candidates. The client decided that a Level 6 Diploma was the most appropriate for their requirements and we set to work creating distance learning, for their eyes only!

Firstly, we created a unique and bespoke online ‘learning library’ designed specifically with the candidates in mind. This would allow them to log on and access the study materials required to complete their chosen Units. This has even been further tailored by signposting to relevant content to aid completion of their CMI assignments. Once the candidates were registered, the next step was to setup a Skype video call with them, which served as an ‘Induction’ session to help familiarise the learner with the CMI assessment criteria and TIPS own unique study support. We will be with them all the way.

TIPS is currently supporting 10 learners through their management qualification online, with even more studying, following completion of our various management and development training workshops.
Julian Hammond, Director of TIPS for Good Management, said “This really is a unique way to study with us, knowing you have the support of a tutor on the other end of a line to virtually guide you through your learning journey. The possibilities are almost endless now as to who we can reach out to help, almost anywhere in the world! That prospect is very exciting indeed. Today Russia, tomorrow? Well, even the world is not enough!

If you are interested in studying for a qualification with TIPS, whether online or through a workshop please contact us on 01362 699392 or email: You will find nobody does it better…