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Over the next few weeks my posts will be dedicated to the subject of accelerated learning: how you can learn faster, absorb more information and recall […]

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The latest group of Team Leaders graduated from their leadership programme on Tuesday 30th June 2015. This is the 6th group at Baxter to have successfully […]

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So, we have Managing Directors who are actually leaders of their respective organisations and we have Team Leaders who predominantly manage the front line processes. It’s […]

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As Jim sat back and relaxed in his steaming hot bath tub he pondered the events of the past month. He owned a successful small business with […]

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Look at the picture above; you are driving the green car, happily trundling along on your way to the office one morning. The ‘person’ in the […]

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Long gone are the days of ‘Mods & Rockers’ but the memory lingers on!  Speaking of memory, how would you like to learn a sure fire […]

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I wrote the following story based loosely on a real life experience. It is about how a leadership style can make or break a business, and […]

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Be honest, how much do you enjoy giving or receiving feedback? It’s never been my favourite thing to do, but it has been life changing and […]